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High School Teacher Assignment [Early Draft]

Explore Washington public high school assignment information collected by the Comprehensive Education Data and Research System.  This page allows you to explore courses matched to the credentials of the assigned teacher. 

Educator Workforce Characteristics

Explore Washington's educator workforce characteristics collected by School Apportionment and Financial Services.  This pages allows you to explore trends in the characteristics of Washington's public school educator workforce.  This page gives you quick access to demographics such as age, experience, duties, and degree trends over the past ten years.  It allows you the ability to compare schools and districts over time.  On this page you can send links of interest and as well as directly download the information.

Educator Production Trends

Explore Washington's credentialing trends.

Educator Preparation Programs

Explore Washington's educator preparation data and trends collected by PESB.  This page allows you to explore program trends, including enrollment, completions, demographics, assessments as well as information about their graduates working as teachers in Washington's public schools.  

Program Site Visit Reports

Explore read and download reports for Washington approved programs.   

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Download Data

Our page dedicated to downloading large tables of information.

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