Do individuals entering or completing teacher preparation programs approximate the demographics of our state’s K-12 student population?

Generally, the population of candidates enrolled and completing teacher preparation in Washington is less diverse than the P-12 student population.  

Are colleges of education more diverse than the universities where they reside?

Are there differences between the pass rates of teacher preparation entrance/exit exams by race/ethnicity?

There are persistent differences by race/ethnicity on the WEST-E exams.  

Are programs effectively implementing cultural competency?

There are elements of the edTPA designed to measure cultural competency.  This assessment began operating in January 2014 and PESB will begin to look at the operational results in the near future.
PESB would like to see more teaching candidates have the opportunity to student teach in diverse settings.  PESB and programs previously implemented data collections that allow us to better understand this issue.  We will be working on policy changes to more clearly define diverse placements and identify impacts and differences by program. 

Are there differences in teacher hiring rates by race/ethnicity?

In the past, OSPI did not collect race/ethnicity on credentialing information, so it is difficult to work out differences in hiring using administrative data (no demographic information for those not hired)  However, we do have research suggesting there are differences.  

Are there differences in teacher retention by race/ethnicity?

About 5 to 5.5 percent of the teacher workforce leaves each year. During the recession this number dropped to upper 4 percent, and recently it has moved to above 6 percent. One way to interpret this is that during economic downturns, teachers have fewer opportunities to leave.
The trend is similar by race/ethnicity, where the rate went down about 2007-2008 and has since returned to a new high. The largest change is among black/african american teachers, ranging from about 5 to 10 percent.