RCW 28A.410.210

The Professional Educator Standards Board shall:
  • 9) Maintain data concerning educator preparation programs and their quality, educator certification, educator employment trends and needs, and other data deemed relevant by the board

From PESB Strategic Plan:

  • Ensure that educator preparation programs supply highly effective educators that meet the needs of Washington's students
  • Facilitate and Advocate for improved statewide educator and workforce data collection and use needed to inform state policy


The purpose of this annual report is to fulfill the Legislature's mandate and Board's goals to make data available to inform state policy dialogue and actions. Annually this report will include narrative highlighting data particularly relevant to current policy considerations, as well as charts and graphs to spark inquiry and identification of areas where data is yet needed for better understanding. This report is separate from, but related to, data and reports used by the Board for formal preparation program review and accreditation.

Data in this report and statements made about it are reviewed and approved by the PESB Data Technical Advisory Committee, composed of researchers from Washington Universities, human resource professionals from Washington school districts and others with expertise in use of data for policy decisions related to educator preparation, certification and workforce development, and the Professional Educator Standards Board.