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edTPA scores by program and subject

All program completers in Washington must pass the edTPA.  The information below displays differences in passing scores by program and subject for individuals who passed the edTPA and completed program.


This looks at the performance on the EdTPA  across institutions.   In the figure above, a bar to the left of zero indicates aggregate program results lower than the state average, and to the right indicates above the state average.  Each subject area for the EdTPA has different typical results, and each program has different ratios of tests, both are considered in the calculations. 

Data Notes
  • This information is submitted by programs as part of their Title II federal requirements.
  • The data only includes operational edTPA data, available after January of 2014.
  • The standard deviation and mean used to standardized scores (z-scores) are derived from program results (not individuals).
  • Program/subjects with less than 10 takers over three years are not included in either the results or in the population calculations (mean and standard error).