What have we learned from ProTeach results to date?

What is the passing rate for the ProTeach?

Currently, about 83 percent pass the ProTeach.

What is the average score for the ProTeach?

The minimum passing score for the ProTeach is 31. The average score is 33.7. This average score includes all attempts at the ProTeach that result in a scorable portfolio.

Are teachers who pass the ProTeach more effective than those who fail?

Early research on the ProTeach suggests:
  • Teachers that pass the ProTeach Portfolio on the first attempt are more likely effective in the classroom.
  • The ProTeach does not signal teacher effectiveness as strongly as the National Board.
  • Similar to National Board, teachers working with high-risk students are less likely to pass the ProTeach.
  • Also similar to other assessments, not all teachers who fail the ProTeach are ineffective. In fact, some will likely be the most effective.