Are programs producing enough teachers?

Washington programs produce about 2,500 new teachers per year.  On average, Washington's public schools hire about 1,800 beginning teachers per year.  The high was in 2015-2016 when districts hired over 3,000 beginning teachers.    
Note: Washington also imports new teachers from other states.

Are programs producing teachers in the right places?

  • Recent research looking into Washington student teaching and district hiring suggests these partnerships matter. 
  • See the locations of Washington teacher preparation programs, or find a program close to your location.   
  • Like all states, Washington programs are offering more content and content subjects online.  

Are programs producing enough teachers for all subjects?

PESB measures shortages by looking at how quickly teachers find teaching positions in Washington's public schools.  As a general rule, teachers with multiple endorsements are more likely to be hired, in particular those who have the special education endorsement.  Also, teachers with science and math endorsements tend to be hired more quickly than teachers with social studies, history, or English language arts.